3 Storage Unit Myths, Busted

self-storage facility

So, you need to store some items, but you’re nervous. After talking to your aunt on the phone and watching a few reality TV specials, you’re seriously doubting whether self storage is a good way to keep your items safe for an extended period of time.

Unfortunately, many myths surround self-storage units and storage facilities. Too often, people believe that these services aren’t fit for keeping their valuable possessions safe from harm, or they believe that the cost of rent simply isn’t worth it.

While using storage units isn’t for everyone, the overall benefits of self-storage are undeniable once you cut through some common misconceptions. If you’re thinking about working with a self-storage facility, start with the facts. Here are three myths about storage spaces that simply aren’t true:

1. A Storage Facility it Easy to Rob– My Belongings Won’t Be Safe!

Most storage facilities offer a variety of safety features to keep intruders at bay and your belongings unharmed. After all, if a self-storage facility gets robbed, it loses valuable customers, so storage companies have a vested interest in property security. As such, most facilities feature security cameras, gated entrances, and heavy locks on unit doors. Look for facilities that offer well-lit premises, and ask directly about what measures the company will take to protect customer belongings before signing an agreement.

2. Storage Units Are Way Too Expensive

Out of all self-storage renters in the U.S., 65% have a garage, 47% have an attic, and 33% have a basement at home. While it’s true that using a storage unit will cost more than shoving excess items in your garage, clearly there are organizational benefits of choosing to pay for a facility– ultimately, “too expensive” is a matter of perspective. Using a self-storage facility might actually save you money in some situations, such as when you’re moving to a new home, or when you’re trying to manage inherited belongings. To keep costs down, be sure to rent a storage unit no bigger than what you need.

3. Storage Units Are Dirty

Contrary to popular belief, storage units are cleaned thoroughly before new customers are given access to the space. Even if the items that were stored before yours weren’t the cleanest, attendants make sure each unit is quite clean for new tenants. What’s more, many storage units ban certain items to ensure their property remains safe and sanitary for all tenants.

Don’t hesitate to rent a storage unit simply because you’ve heard a few unpleasant rumors. Make use of clean, safe, and affordable storage units to help keep your life organized. For more information, contact us at Prestige Storage today!