Common Materials that Should Be Stored for Your Business

business item storage

Running a business is hard, but it’s harder when you’re office space is cluttered with unnecessary items. It can be a detriment to your employees’ productivity! Business item storage for your company offers a lot of benefits, especially for the following items that might cramp your workplace.

Seasonal Items
Whether you’re in an office or a retail environment, you’re bound to have annual promotions and holidays worth celebrating. If you have a backstock of seasonal goods you’re hoping to get to your clients, don’t worry about finding space in the back room to store them. With items that are only usable once a year, you want to keep them in a space where they’re easily accessible, but won’t get in the way. This rule also applies to decorations. Your cozy Christmas trees are awkward to store if you only have a tiny closet space. Instead of taking up vital space in the office, relying on a storage unit can keep all your DIY crafts and holiday decorations for the office in one space.

By utilizing an external business item storage location, you can guarantee your seasonal items are kept safe and out of the way. You can try color-coding bins in your self storage facility to make the organization of your unit even easier.

Office furniture
Whatever the reason, that dusty desk in the corner still hasn’t found a suitable owner. Instead of putting yet another stack of books on it, consider moving unused items to a self storage unit. There, they will stay safe, yet remain easily accessible in the event that new hire needs somewhere to sit. It can also be a great organizing factor in your self storage space.

Old files and paperwork
It’s recommended that you keep up to seven years of files, paperwork, and tax documents before shredding them. It’s sound advice for when you get embroiled in a lawsuit or audited, but all those boxes of paperwork take up more than their fair share of space. Instead of creating a new rendition of the leaning tower of Pisa in your office, utilizing a controlled access storage facility will ensure the safety of your documents.

While cloud storage and other electronic file methods are also an option, keeping doubles of your paperwork gives you added peace of mind in the event of a crisis. With over 50,000 storage companies across the United States, be sure to look for controlled access facilities with the appropriate security.

Whether you’re trying to optimize space in your workplace or you’re simply tired of looking at old files, utilizing business item storage is the best way to streamline the look and organization of your business. When you’re decluttering your home or business, consider calling Prestige Storage to discuss their storage solutions today.