Curb Cantankerous Clutter And Open Some Home Space With Self Storage Units

self storage units

Self storage units are a popularly rented commodity in the United States. Out of all of the Americans who rent self storage units, 65% have a garage at home, 47% have an attic, and 33% have a basement. That’s quite a bit of home storage, so why the popularity of rented self storage space?

It has a lot to do with the propensity for our belongings to, slowly but surely, invade our homes. You know the feeling or have at least seen what that clutter looks like. Basements, attics, and garages stuffed to the gills with things that haven’t been used, let alone moved, for years at a time. Stuff that’s squatting, taking up space that can be used much more fruitfully than as an oversized junk drawer.

Decluttering your home can seem like a Sisiphyean task, but once you’ve tackled it, you’ll see your home space open up like you haven’t in years. We’ll get you started with some easy tips.

Take inventory

This is one of the most laborious parts of deft decluttering. Look at everything — and we mean everything — in the space you’re looking to clear and ask the following questions: What is it? Do I use it and, if so, how often? Does it need to be here at my house? Get rid of hoarded junk and remember this mantra; donation before disposal. Once you have a clear idea of what stays, what’s donated or disposed of, and what can go to storage, you’re ready to make moves.

Finding the right storage unit

Not all self storage units are created equal. It’s up to you to research more than one self storage facility to determine if your personal storage space needs will be met. You’ve already taken inventory of your clutter and determined what needs to be stored, so select self storage units accordingly. You don’t need anything larger than what suits your needs, but make sure your storage has ample space to comfortably house your belongings over time.

Check on your storage space

Self storage units are excellent to utilize, but you should still make periodic journeys to check on your things. This, of course, depends on what you’re storing, but leaving your belongings out-of-sight-out-of-mind is a surefire way for them to deteriorate. Simple checks every now and then will keep you vigilant and hold the storage facility accountable for how they manage their units.

We never said that conquering your clutter would be an easy process, but it’s absolutely a rewarding one. Now that you’ve taken stock of what you need and what you don’t, you have newfound space in your home and self storage units to house the things to keep around while not cluttering your house. Now, go do something fun with your newly decluttered space.

There’s so much room for activities.