Everything You Need To Do Before Putting Your Car Away For The Season

store a carMany people prefer to have seasonal vehicles: luxury for the summer, top down with the breeze flowing through your hair, and heavy-duty for the winter. Even if you don’t live in a place that experiences extreme seasonal changes, sometimes car storage is necessary; 32% of homes only have the space to store one vehicle, leaving other vehicles to languish outdoors all winter long.

If you’re looking to find a self storage facility to store a car, you’ll need to get your vehicle ready for its long hibernation first. Here are three maintenance tasks to perform before you bring it to the storage facility.

  • Tires: Inflating your tires to a higher air pressure than normal is a good way to account for the pressure that will be lost over time and with temperature changes. However, you must take care not to exceed the tire’s maximum air pressure (listed on the side of the tire) or they may suffer damage. Upon retrieving your vehicle from storage, you’ll want to immediately fill all four tires to the correct air pressure.
  • Fluids and Power: If you plan on storing your car for longer than six months or longer, add a fuel stabilizer to a nearly full gas tank; this will help prevent corrosion in the fuel lines and engine. You’ll also want to change your car’s oil and oil filter, as well as ensure all its other fluids are topped up.
  • Cover: A quality car cover is a worthwhile investment, although it doesn’t need to be waterproof or securely attached if you plan on using an indoor storage facility. Don’t ever use a plastic tarp as a car cover: when you unveil your vehicle months later, the paint will be severely scratched.

Storing a car is the best way to keep it protected if it isn’t going to be used. if you follow the basic instructions listed above, your car will look and feel exactly the same as it did when you dropped it off at your self storage space, regardless of how much time has passed.

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