Is Your Home Holiday Ready?

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The holidays are coming up back. Thanksgiving is upon us, Hanukkah is right around the corner, Christmas is on its tail, and New Years is less than two months away.

As if you needed another scare after Halloween, it’s time to get your home holiday-ready for the winter season. To help you keep the stress away, we’ve created this handy-dandy guide to help you get your home officially ready.


How can I get my home ready for the holidays?

Holiday-ready doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting your home ready for hosting during the holidays, although that’s the case for some. It also means getting your home ready for the winter months now that fall is drawing to a close.

That said, here are a few ways you can get your home ready for the next two months and onward:


  1. Pack up your summer clothes. You may or may not have specified summer clothes considering the Texas climate. You may just have shirts that you wear during the summer that you throw a cardigan over once the temperature starts cooling down. But, if you do have summer clothes that you know you won’t be wearing for the next couple of months, box them away to keep them from taking up space in your home.
  2. Do some major cleaning in the main living spaces. If you have family and friends coming over during the holidays, you may be tempted to give your entire house a major scrub down. But truth be told, these big cleaning sprees may only make you more stressed. Instead, periodically clean your home while only giving a major cleaning overhaul to your main living spaces.
  3. Store vehicles you’re not using. Up to 35% of American households have three or more vehicles. Oftentimes, you’re not using all of these vehicles at once. Give yourself some extra space in your garage for guests’ cars this season by using a storage unit for rent for your additional vehicles.



Looking for a storage facility this winter?

There are more than 50,000 storage facilities in the U.S., and for good reason. The average American home has up to 300,000 things in it.


If you’re decluttering your home this winter and you’re looking for a self storage facility to house the belongings you love, Prestige Storage is the storage facility for you. To learn more about our self storage spaces or for more information on storing a car or other vehicle, contact Prestige Storage today.