Smell That? How To Store Your Stuff And Ward Off Must

When you store your stuff, the work doesn’t stop at finding the right storage unit. That space is an extension of your space and holds your belongings. Why people are so swift to neglect their belongings once they’ve stored them is a mystery to us.

A common problem in storage facilities is mustiness. It’s an unmistakable smell that comes from moisture, stagnancy, and lack of air flow. Temperature controlled spaces can only do so much against time and stacked boxes long since having been moved. Let’s look at ways to combat the malady of must.

Out Of Sight, Still In Mind

We’re not sorry for sounding like a broken record, but the number one way to have a musty storage space is simply forgetting your things exist. Too many people store belongings and never bother to check on them. The greatest storage facilities in existence can’t ward off the effects of time. When you store your stuff, keep a list of what you have in storage and make time to visit occasionally to check on things.

Use Dependable Storage Materials

Cardboard boxes are notorious for absorbing moisture and exuding a musty scent over time. What’s worse is that this scent can seep into the contents of those boxes. When you store your stuff for extended periods of time, it’s prudent to invest in formidable storage containers that are made from heavier stuff than cardboard.

Big Ticket Items

Approximately 12.7 million U.S. households own a boat. A lot of people use a self-storage facility to keep their aquatic vehicle from taking up space in their garage, yard, or wherever. What many of them fail to do is properly prepare their boat for a long term stay in a storage facility. Boat storage — or, storing a vehicle of any kind — requires certain preparatory steps. Otherwise, that vehicle will be ground zero for problems in your storage space. So, do research and whatever vehicle you’re storing, make sure you’ve taken the right precautions before locking it up with all your other things in storage.

Self-storage isn’t rocket science. All it takes to store your stuff properly is a little forethought and attentive afterthought. Do you want to keep your belongings in good order for a long time? Take care of your stuff, take care of your space, it’s that simple.