Need to Store Your RV Safely? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Storage Facility

self storage facilityThe Recreation Vehicle Industry Association estimates that over 9 million households own some type of RV. And while an RV can provide countless memories and opportunities for adventure, they also require responsible ownership. One of the most challenging parts of owning an RV can be determining where to store it safely, and fortunately, self storage units provide some of the most accommodating features. Here are just a few reasons to consider storing your RV in a self storage facility.

Because they’re equipped with security features.

First and foremost, storage facility technology has truly gone above and beyond and can keep all items protected. You’ll have to find the right RV storage facility, but many offer advanced security features such as 24 hour camera monitoring, well-lit storage areas, and controlled access. If you’re at all concerned about the safety of your RV while it’s locked away in storage, rest assured that these features are designed to keep your RV as secure and protected as possible.

Because they’ll protect your RV from the elements.

Keeping your RV protected is more than ensuring that it doesn’t get broken into. It’s critical to protect it from the elements in between seasons to ensure it doesn’t sustain any damage or wear and tear when not in use. When left out in the cold, your RV can sustain damage from the ice and salt mixtures or even get struck by another vehicle. Sure, you could keep it at a friend’s house or an RV park, but those options don’t offer even a fraction of the security and protection features of self storage space.

Because life happens.

Unless you live in your RV full time, you’ll inevitably need a secure place to store it. Between work meetings and obligations, time spent at home with the family, or even some sort of emergency, you won’t be able to bring your RV everywhere you go. Don’t leave it unprotected or somewhere it shouldn’t be — invest in its longevity of life and ability for adventure by investing in a controlled access storage facility.

So there you have it. On average, households in the United States have 300,000 things in them, so if you’re in need of a self storage facility to store any of your belongings and vehicles safely, contact Prestige Storage to explore your options.