Smart And Easy Ways To Store Your Holiday Decorations

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The holidays are finally over, which means you can stop sweating over your budget. But now you need to worry about how you’re going to organize the chaos that’s become of your holiday decorations.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve put the wrapper paper away; you always seem to get more. And where did all this tissue paper come from?

To keep you from turning into Salty the Snowman, here are some of our favorite holiday storage solutions you can use when putting away your own decorations.

Wrap and store your lights carefully

You wouldn’t put lightbulbs in a bag and place them anywhere in your storage unit. So why bunch up your holiday lights and store them in a gym bag without wrapping them? If you don’t properly wrap your lights, they can not only become a tangled mess but also break.

Use a wrap-and-roll storage container for your lights. When you carefully wrap the lights around the roll it keeps the strands from getting tangled. You can also use masking tape and a marker to label the exact colors and length of the lights you’re storing.

Use air-tight snack storage containers

You don’t need to use your snack storage containers just for pretzels and carrots. You can also use them to keep ornaments or small keepsakes safe and secure.

The storage containers protect delicate glass safe from getting crushed by other decorations. And the air-tight part of the container keeps your special tokens safe from moisture and other things that could ruin them. Just be sure that you’re also wrapping these items in cloth or newspaper as a cushion to be on the safe side.

Storage facilities are your best friends

There’s a reason why one out of every 10 Americans rent at a storage facility; the average house has 300,000 things in it. After the holiday season, that number jumps even higher. And that’s without counting the decorations and wrapping tools.

This is where a storage facility becomes your best friend. Leave the rearranging and organizing in your closets for spring.

Self-storage units like the ones at Prestige Storage can keep your holiday decorations all set and ready to go for next year without the struggle. To learn more about our storage facility, or to rent a controlled access storage unit for yourself, contact Prestige Storage today.