Storage 101: The First-Timer’s Guide To Renting A Storage Unit

self-storage units

Storage facilities are secure and convenient options to store the stuff that you might not need right now but want to keep. Whether you’re decluttering your home or you’re looking for a place to keep your holiday decorations, storage facilities offer a wide range of unit sizes to fit your needs.

But how exactly do you go about getting a storage unit of your own? We’ve compiled this guide to help you go about renting a self-storage unit for the first time so you can feel confident and secure in your storage facility.

Start by doing your research

Not all storage facilities are created equal. You want to be sure that the storage unit you’re renting is the right kind for the belongings you plan to store.

There are full-service storage facilities and self-storage facilities. Full-service facilities have a valet-like service where the facility takes your belongings and delivers them to the unit. With a self-storage unit, you deliver your own belongings to the storage unit.

Once you know what type of storage facility you want, you can research facilities in your area to find the one that works best for you. Check for online reviews, available locations, the sizes of the available units, whether there’s climate control, and other factors.

Be sure you have what you need to rent the unit

Once you know what kind of storage unit you need and which facility you want, you’ll need certain documents to rent the unit. These documents include a valid photo ID, your current contact information, and proof of insurance.

Contact the storage facility to ask them about their available units and what documentation you’ll need when you visit the rental office. Each facility varies and so you may need additional documentation.

It’s also important to ask the facility if they offer storage insurance. If not, you’ll need to determine if your homeowner’s insurance covers your stored items.

Where can I find self-storage units in Beaumont TX?

Self-storage facilities are useful for storing your stuff when you don’t need to access it regularly. Did you know the average household in the U.S. has 300,000 things inside? Only 32% of houses with a two-car garage have enough space for one car.

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