Storage Stupidity: How Not To Utilize Self Storage Units

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A common self storage facility theme that needs to be reiterated all the time is that if it’s out of sight, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. A lot of people who rent self storage units treat those self storage facilities like landfills, places for their unwanted junk to disappear.

On average, American households have about 300,000 things in them. Plenty of people opt to hide those things in self storage spaces. We’re here to tell you that self storage units aren’t the place to hide things. They’re there to open space in your home and to do it sensibly. Let’s talk about some of the no-no’s of self storage units.

    • Hazardous Materials: While plenty of people might correctly use self storage units for storing a car, boat storage, or something of that ilk, it doesn’t mean that it can be a stockpile for hazardous materials. Gasoline, oil, propane tanks, and pressurized air, and other potentially dangerous materials have no place in self storage units.
    • Perishable Items: Another weird one is people who think storing perishable food items in storage units is okay. It’s not a refrigerator, therefore perishable food should not be stored there. In fact, no food should be stored there, perishable or not.
    • Electronics: This one is tough, because it’s generally okay to store electronics. Of course, this depends on the storage facility itself. Storing electronics and things with batteries in environments that aren’t temperature controlled stands to damage them. Before putting electronics in storage, make sure your storage facility can keep them properly safe.
    • Valuables: Sure, your belongings could be considered valuables, but this is more a reference to things like cash, jewelry, etc. Self storage units are not synonymous with safety deposit boxes and shouldn’t be treated thus. Don’t risk theft or damage to your valuables by storing them there.
    • Living Beings: You can’t use a storage space as an office. Nor can you use it as a living space. This has been attempted more often than we care to count. While we’re at it, living plants, animals, and pets absolutely shouldn’t put into storage. Plants need sun, first of all, and if you’re found to be keeping pets, a living space, or an office in a self storage unit, you will likely be answering to the police.

You may have read these self storage no-no’s thinking they’re all common sense, but they’re also all real examples of things people do fairly often. When you’re looking to put things in self storage units, follow these rules, keep your things organized, and return to them every so often to take stock. That’s sensible storage etiquette.