You’ve Got A Space In The Self Storage Facility, Here’s How To Make It Better

self storage facility

In the last post, we talked about finding the right storage unit to house a portion of your worldly possessions. Now that you’ve got the perfect self storage space, it’s time to make it better. Yes, we know you can’t go into self storage units and start installing new walls and the like. What you can do is make the space more comfortable for your things.

Don’t fall into the trap of letting your space in a self storage facility become an unkempt mountain of stuff that you dread the very sight of. Your personal storage space needs to be exactly that; personalized. Without knocking walls down and building additions, we’ve got some ways to make your spot in the self storage facility shine.


The oldest storage mantra in the book: get your things off the ground. Shelving is inexpensive and essential to long-term storage. Moisture creeps in everywhere, it doesn’t matter if your self storage facility is temperature controlled or not, if there’s no air flow to keep your things dry, you’ll run into moldy problems down the road.

Invest in the future

Every year, approximately 35.1 million Americans move to a new home. In the process, a lot of people pack and store their things terribly. The best thing you can do for your things in storage is invest in adequate storage containers that will stand the test of time. Having your things packed in doughty containers will keep them safe and, if you were to move, conveniently packed in pre-bought boxes that won’t fail you in transit.

Don’t just let things sit there

“But, it’s storage, what are we supposed to do?” Things that sit idly, regardless of how well they’re packed away, stored or adequately nestled, still need periodic checkups. Out of sight should never mean out of mind. Stop into the self storage facility once a month and take a look at your things. Storage spaces aren’t impregnable fortresses and it’s up to you to monitor how your things are holding up in the space that you’re paying to keep them. Keep tabs on your investment.

Once you’ve acquired a good storage space, it’s in your power to make it even better by tweaking the details. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s not a place for out of sight, out of mind. It’s a place that holds your possessions. You’re the one responsible for finding the right storage unit and making it even better.